Rock Cat

Rock Cats are a species of felines, possibly related to Sea Cats, that live in small villages in the mountains.

They are notable for their large, round bodies and their big paws and tail. Their entire lives revolve around mining ores, gemstones, minerals, and other such things from the mountains and nearby cave systems. The cats sell these so they can afford essentials like food, shelter, water, and better mining equipment. Rock cats keep some gemstones for themselves as they are quite fond of shiny colorful things. They may hang these around their homes to decorate the place or make jewelry out of them. If they meet another Rock Cat they like, they might make something for them using the ores they've stored. They have also given jewelry to visitors in their mountain village. Rock Cat jewelry is usually very simple, usually just a few small pieces of gemstone put on a thin string they deem to be a necklace or bracelet. They occasionally make earrings as well. It is common for both males and females to get their ears pierced. Males usually wear silver or gold hoops while females wear earrings with gemstones dangling from them.

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