Roglama are large golems made of rock and lava that live in the lava lakes of fire biomes. They usually live in groups of two or three and generally stay dormant until lava rain occurs. When they are underneath the lava lakes, their rocky parts are scattered about the bottom. When lava begins pouring from the sky, they will assemble with the rocks and lava that form their structure and then rise from the depths of the molten liquid and onto land. Those brave enough to venture out into the lava rain can trade with the Roglama for a spark stone. [1]

The Roglama usually want food as they are quite hungry after hibernating until the next lava fall. Roglama especially love metal, so traders often give them that in exchange for spark stones. Although Roglama love metal, they are highly allergic to skylon. Particularly mean fellas have tricked them into eating this in order to get away with all the spark stones they want. Roglama have learned to examine the metal before eating it, but some techniques disguise the metal to look like another and the Roglama is fooled into eating it. When they eat skylon, their fire turns green and it starts to burn the Roglama. The effects usually wear off after a while though some have died from the intense burning.[2]

Roglama can be dangerous if someone tries to pick a fight with them. They can throw rocks from their body around and spit lava at the attacker. They are protective of the other members of their group so if one is attacked, they will gang up on the enemy. They don't normally attack unless provoked.