Sea cats are a species of intelligent felines who are able to build and use boats and fishing rods. They spend their lives at sea fishing. In the past they and their families ate all the fish they caught, but in modern times, many sell some of their fish at ports, and buy better fishing equipment and boats with the proceeds. Sea cats have the size and appearance of normal housecats. They can swim if need be, but they prefer to stay in their boats. They are capable of speech, and they have a unique accent. They don't always wear clothes like humans do, but they often wear raincoats to keep their fur dry in storms, plus other items of clothing if they so desire.

In the past they all used rather small canoes, but nowadays their boats vary based on their wealth, some owning large ships manned by large crews of sea cats. There are some pirate cats who steal for a living, and the sea cat navy was formed to combat them. The sea cat navy is funded by nearby countries who don't want pirate cats attacking their trade ships. In the past sea cats mainly used fishing rods, and they still use them, but mostly as a leisure activity. These days, most sea cats use fishing nets for their commercial catch, as they're much more efficient than rods. Sea cats are also renowned as musicians, mostly being proficient with the acoustic guitar. Their singing, however, is enjoyed by other sea cats, but sounds awful to most humans.

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