Sea trees are large underwater plants which are found off the coast in some temperate and tropical regions. Usually, they form large groups, called "oceanic forests" or "marine forests". They have thick wooden trunks and yellow or orange foliage. They can grow to be very tall, and most species are somewhat like pine trees in their overall shape. Many sea creatures make oceanic forests their home, and they support a large, multi layered ecosystem. At the very bottom of the forests, it is very dark. There is a litter of carcasses, bones, sticks, shed leaves, and seeds, a detritus which supports a wide variety of bottom dwelling creatures.


A Spinoose.

The middle part of the forest is very dense, due to the conical shape of the sea trees. Smaller creatures, creatures who burrow through the leaves, and long serpentine animals dominate this zone. Higher up, larger creatures swim, grazing on the tops of the sea trees. There are also carnivores here, but since the cover of the sea tree leaves is so close by, they have had to evolve special hunting techniques to catch creatures before they have a chance to dart into the cover of the leaves, or extract them from the leaves directly.

One such creature is the Spinoose.

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