2 biologists sat in a dimly lit room, both facing each other, and both with documents in there hands.

"You say you found a new subspecies of me?"

"You mean me?" One of the biologists said, showing the other a picture of "Fma'l" to the other.

"Yes, please, elaborate on what you mean."

"The species both are similar in appearance, being bipedal, having fur, and most importantly, they both affect the person who is referring to them."

"What is this affect of the subspecies?"

"When referred too, well, when documented about, the document takes the form of a story."

"So, these affects occur when someone writes, types, or prints paper about this creature? But not when talked about in speech, am I correct?"

"Exactly, and it always takes the form of a story."

"Do you have any photographs of the creature?"

"No, my camera was out of batteries"

"Do you believe that your camera running out of batteries was caused by this creature?"

"No, we- no. At least, I don't think so"

"Where is this creature found?"

"I found it in Cirues and Djornt, where I was also found."

"What is the name of this creature?"

"Ah, yes, the name, how could I forget, I'll call it, 'Sidorpal', I don't know, something like that."

"Okay, thank you for your cooperation"

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