Skarlons are black birds which live in large colonies built from mud and grasses.

Skarlon colonies are controlled by a matriarch, much larger than other skarlons, who consumes food brought to it by other skarlons, lays eggs and gives orders.

Skarlons have the ability to record images through their eyes and project that image later from a projector located in their mouth. Skarlons use this ability to communicate, for example, an enemy to be ganged up upon and destroyed, or the location of some other large store of food.

Skarlons will collect and eat all kinds of food, including scraps from carcasses, worms and bugs, nuts and seeds, honey, and they will sometimes swarm, hunt and kill animals for food. Skarlons colonies are common in Taurica, Mysseru and Cirues, but they can also be found in a few places in Asoumiranz. Skarlons from different continents are of course each different species.

Blue Skarlons Edit

In Cirues there is a species of skarlon called the blue skarlon. The matriarch is completely featherless and quite bulbous, while the other blue skarlons are smaller than black skarlons and have light blue feathers. Blue skarlon have their projector's located on their foreheads rather than inside their beaks. The projector looks like a small red crystal.

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