Skrem is a game that originated in Taurica, specifically introduced by the country known as Pidlov. In Skrem, there are usually a large group of players, about four or more per group. The game is usually played in a big area like a forest. At the start of the game, the group is separated between players called the Runners and one player known as the Monster. In the game, the Runners must avoid the Monster for as long as possible. If the Monster touches a Runner, that player is turned into a Minion who follows the Monster. The Monster can tell the Minion to find one or more of the Runners. Minions cannot capture Runners. Instead, if a Minion does spot a Runner, they must scream to let the Monster know where they are. When there is only one Runner left, that Runner becomes the new Monster and the cycle continues until the game ends. Games can drag on pretty long depending on where the game is played.

Some who play Skrem like to add to the atmosphere by giving the Monster a costume to wear. A common costume is based on the mythical being known as the Scarlet Cloak. This may be because the game is based on a legend where the Scarlet Cloak appeared in a small town and chased after those living there, turning them into blind followers with its strange hypnotic powers.

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