A solar gem is a rare orange stone that can be found on the peaks of mountains. They are formed by solar and magical energies working together to form crystals that eventually become solar gems. This is a very rare occurrence since these two energies don't normally meet and the gems are hard to obtain since they are only formed on the tops of mountains. Solar gems are quite small, some barely bigger than a finger nail. Within each gem is a mysterious magic. Many people who hunt for these gems wish to make use of this magic power. By inserting the gem anywhere in their body, it will give them psychic abilities which vary from person to person. The gems may have a side effect of altering the user's personality or giving them aches and pains in the area they inserted the gem. When the gem's power is used, it will glow a bright yellow.

The gems do have other, possibly less dangerous uses. For example, they can be used as an infinite power source for some machines.

Solar gems give off a solar aura which can help disperse clouds above them. Savvy solar gem hunters will often look for mountains with less snow at their peaks compared to nearby mountains of similar height, as it can be a good indicator that a solar gem may rest at the peak. Circuses like to own a solar gem so that their travelling shows will be less often ruined by poor weather. Solar aura is also thought to amplify emotions and personality traits, both good and bad ones, including joy, anger, courage and malice.

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