Spiam are small quadruped creatures, measuring to be about 2 inches wide and 1 inch tall.

Spiam can have either brown, blue, or orange hair and if their hair is removed you can see unique ring patterns on their backs, matching their hair color, Male Spiam have long fangs, and the dominant male of a herd will be the one with the longest fangs.

The fangs of a Spiam are also used to attract mates.

When a something is sleeping near a Spiam, the Spiam is capable of entering the animals dream, and is capable of changing the animals dream, these changes can actually affect the real world, but only from the victims perspective, for example, a Spiam causes a change in a dream that makes someone believe that their wife has died, though everyone else sees that his wife is not dead.

A Spiam's dream related abilities seem to only affect sentient species.

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