Spig Toads are giant toads found in Mysseru. Male Spig Toads are dark purple with black markings and they can grow to tower over the average human male. Females are a light blue with black markings and they are smaller, usually half the size of a male Spig. The female Spigs have poisonous skin. The male toads don't have poisonous skin, but they do have poisonous glands at the back of their throat which they can use to spit globs of poison. Spig Toads are aggressive to anyone who enters their territory and the males will spit at anyone unwelcome while the agile females can jump on them from behind. These toads are difficult to kill, however if they are successfully slain their poison can be used to create a powerful antidote. It's usually best to shoot them with projectiles in order to avoid the poison.

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