Spigglefrogs are small magical amphibians which roam the world, usually in fields, forests and swamps. They are no larger than a regular frog and don't look much different to one, but they do sometimes wear items of clothing, generally pointy hats, cloaks or walking sticks, which can help to distinguish them. Some people consider them to be a type of wizard, but they reject that label. They are almost always loners, not wanting to associate closely with others. They are certainly not evil, and will reluctantly use their powers to help anyone in dire need, if they happen across them. They are not interested in material goods at all, and if you attempt to bribe a spigglefrog or give one a gift, it will refuse, although they may accept some food items. They are capable of sealing evil spirits and demons they come across using the Swamp Seal and Bayou Seal, both a spigglefrog speciality.

One power spigglefrogs have are the ability to produce bubbles of varying size. These bubbles are stronger than regular bubbles, needing a lot more force in order to pop. Spigglefrogs use these as temporary traps for predators or enemies so they can get away safely. They can also throw the bubbles at difficult to reach items. The bubbles will retrieve the items and bring them back to the spigglefrog. They can also use this method in reverse to send stuff to other people but it's a bit tricky since the bubble can get popped by something if it hits them strongly enough. The bubbles are able to navigate around obstacles to prevent from being popped.

Evolution Edit

Spigglefrogs are evolutionary cousins of Hiddledriks, another type of magical sentient amphibian.

Relationship with Hiddledriks Edit

It is common for Hiddledriks and Spigglefrogs to form rivalries with one another if they happen to come across each other. They will challenge each other to a duel to see whose magic can defeat the other. The winner of the duel will then get to tell the loser to do something for them, such as fetch them a trinket or give them a back massage. Sometimes the rivals will form a bond with one another after the duel is over and will be willing to help the other when they are in need.

Notable Spigglefrogs Edit

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