The studying of spirits, spirit worlds, and other spiritual things is known as spiritology. Spiritologists study these things in order to learn more about the world of the spirits. Lamend's Lab of Spiritology managed to get ahold of two Clostrum Boxes which they use to capture and study spirits if they can successfully get close to them.

One spiritologist captured a Lampid and brought it to the lab to study it. He let the Lampid out in the middle of the lab to examine it up close. The creature left the box and immediately started floating toward one point in the room until it went through the wall. Curious, the scientist followed it and found that it was going in the direction back to Capper's Library where he had caught it. He concluded that Lampids must have an internal compass that tells them what direction the library is in.

He decided to capture another and went a farther distance from the library than before. It seemed no matter how far away they were from it, they always knew what direction the library was in. He decided this internal compass may also be what tells them where books borrowed from the library are located, no matter how far away they are from the library.

Knowledge of the Ancient Spirits Edit

To the great frustration of historians, ancient spirit beings tend to be extremely poor sources of historical information. The difficulty of contacting such spirits is problematic, but even if a channel is established, many spirits will refuse to speak about such matters, while the information given by those who do is often verifiably false or contradictory. It isn't clear whether the spirits are lying, or whether ancient spirits simply have inherently poor memories. Another theory is that time itself is fuzzy, with events in the distant past becoming less concise as a result of quantum mechanics and some kind of multiverse. Most physicists reject this, saying that even if such a multiverse exists, only the future is fuzzy from the perspective of the present time. How these ideas relate to the curious case of Dontonville is a subject of debate.

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