Spocklong Failure Cure

The spocklong is a fleshy, lumpy, tubular organ which passes semi-digested foodstuffs from the stomach down to John. Feathery tendrils inside the spocklong, called Fillii, parse out some select nutrients from the food and send it straight to the mushroomery, where it is used to fertilize and feed the tiny fungi. Spocklong Failure occurs when the Fillii become weak and the spocklong is no longer able to parse out nutrients effectively. If not remedied quickly, the mushroomery will soon start to fail, leading to all sorts of complications. The Spocklong Failure Cure is a potion which reinvigorates the Fillii. In a healthy person, it can make the Fillii too efficient, leading to an overstocked mushroomery and a hungry John. It can be taken in cases of serious problems with the mushroomery, but it has side effects.

Spocklong Failure Cure Potions are a clear red liquid. It tastes something like sarsaparilla and cough medicine.



Redmouth Snake Scales

1 Plingrin Eye

Ground up Tok Shell

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