A sticky bomb

A sticky bomb is an item useful for trapping creatures or enemies. The bomb is spherical with a shiny black rubbery exterior. Inside the bomb is a sticky green substance that is difficult to escape from when it is let loose. The bomb is set off when it is thrown against something solid such as an animal or the ground. The green substance on its own is not harmful and it is possible to get out if it meets water which will wash away some of the stickiness and allow the prisoner to try to escape.

History Edit

The first sticky bomb was invented in 33,400 by a Troddite named Ralton Tusk, who was also nicknamed 'Boom' for his fascination with explosives. He made the sticky bomb while experimenting with other possibilities for bombs.

How It Is Made Edit

The exterior of the bomb is made from a liquid substance that comes out of some plants. It is heated at high temperatures inside a small bowl that helps shape the rubbery exterior of the bomb. The green substance is poured inside the first half and the second half of the sphere is placed on top. The bomb is then fused together to make a single sphere.

The green substance is made from crushed up Faro tree leaves which are mixed with a sticky green oil that comes from the same tree.