The Storm Wolf, though in the Floccus genus, usually has little to no resemblance to the Fluffel. Unlike the fluorescent green and foot-thick fur of its relatives, its fur is mangy, short, and navy blue. So named for their claws which act as generators for electricity, a human attacked by a Storm Wolf often ends up either paralyzed or electrocuted if scratched. On the pads of their paws are sacs of stored water, as they will often drink more than needed to survive. When attacking, this sac can be broken, electrically charged by its paws, and used as a boost of power. The males can be spotted by the bright yellow lightning-bolt markings on their back. The pups can be caught and domesticated, but only in their first three months of birth before their claws form will they be safe to be caught.

Distribution Edit

They live in the desert plains of Trod, the Red Mountains, the Forbidden Woods, and the forests of Forumia.

Subspecies Edit

Desert Storm Wolves, Mountain Storm Wolves and Forest Storm Wolves form three subspecies, which differ in small ways.

Forest Storm Wolves have dark grey fur and more powerful electric shocks.

Desert and Mountain Storm Wolves are almost indistinguisable. Mountain Storm Wolf adults are larger than Desert Storm Wolves, and they sometimes have bright red eyes.