Otherworld has atoms made from electrons, neutrons and protons. Based on the number of protons an atom has, they become different elements. There are also photons, which are individuals particles of light. However, Otherworld also has lots of other less familiar particles as well.

Emitter and Transmitter Particles Edit

Freezons are subatomic particles related to the phenomena known as "Ice energy". Freezons absorb thermal energy in their presence and transmit that energy instantaneously to a Burnion particle somewhere else in the universe. So, a place rich in Freezons will become colder, while a place with many Burnions will heat up. Freezons and Burnions are created by various conditions in the universe. Burnions are common inside suns, while Freezions tend to gather in clouds of water vapour. But there are many other processes which can create these particles too, including living organisms.

There are also Darkons and Brightons. Darkons absorb light and transmit it instantly to a Brighton particle elsewhere in the universe. Darkons and Freezons are called transmitter particles, while Burnions and Brightons are called emitter particles. Theoretically, if a unique pair of a transmitter and an emitter particle could be created and stored, instant, faster-than-light communication could be made possible, but it's unknown if such a pair of particles could ever actually be created. Since transmitter particles send their energy to any random emitter particle anywhere in the universe, and there are untold billions of such particles, sending messages with them is impossible.

Spiritons Edit

Another important particle is the Spiriton. All the souls and afterlife realms are made of subatomic particles called Spiritons. Spiritons come in many different vibrations which determine their properties, and can also combine together to create Spirit Molecules, which have virtually unlimited possible properties. Different vibrations of Spiritons are somewhat analogous to the different elements which atoms can be, but Spiritons can change vibrations easier than atoms can change elements. In the far distant past, before life began, all the Spiritons were at their most basic and fundamental vibration, and they just hung around the planets as an invisible, homogeneous mist. Once lifeforms began to exist, they used Spiritons to complete various biological processes, changing their vibrations to suit their needs. Eventually, lifeforms created complex Spirit forms made from Spirit Molecules which were able to persist after the lifeform's death. These were the first ghosts. Some ghosts were reused, reincarnating into new bodies, but others hung around as ghosts, and others still flew into space and started to create new Spirit worlds out of Spiritons. Some spirits were able to create offspring, and some even became so intelligent that they were able to create new, unique spirits to do their bidding. All gods, demons, ghosts, spirits and afterlives have their origins in this process.

Ocumlums Edit

Ocumlums are particles that allow light to follow movement. There are more of them in certain areas than others, and they allow people to percivee movement visually.

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