Swapitronium are a special class of spirit molecules. Various types of swapitronium are created by certain living organisms and spirits, and this is the only way swapitronium can be produced. A few milliseconds after being created, a swapitonium molecule will spontaneously swap places with a random atom somewhere in the otherverse. Which element is traded places with will depend on the configuration of the swapitronium. Many elements do not have a known swapitronium counterpart, and it may be that such kinds of swapitronium are not even possible.

During the swap, the swapitronium will disintegrate, so it will not continue to swap once it reaches its new destination. In fact, it's the energy created by the breaking apart of the molecule which allows the swap to occur in the first place. Since atoms of all kinds far outnumber the molecules of swapitronium molecules in the otherverse, the decaying effect swapitronium has on all objects made from those elements is fairly negligible. Most swapped atoms will naturally come from the cores of stars and planets, where all types of atoms are most commonly found.

A swapitronium molecule is generally named for the type of element it is able to summon, for example, iron swapitronium and chocolate swapitronium.

Swapitronium molecules are used for a wide variety of purposes, by a wide variety of organisms. Swapitronium is a vital component in many spells cast by wizards and spirit beings. For example, some wizards can summon swords or other weapons straight into their hands by arranging metal swapitronium into the shape of the desired weapon.

Iron stalks are plants which have been bred to grow ingots of iron, and they are farmed extensively.

Copperdons are small animals which grow a hard copper shell by producing copper swapitronium.

The Gold Wizards of Lorci have masted gold swapitronium, which allowed them to create a large bounty of gold without mining a single bit of ore.

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