Tarnus Azar was a lone scientist that also dabbled in a bit of magic. He was notorious for performing strange experiments on whatever he could get his hands on. His methods are controversial indeed as he used many cruel methods in order to produce what he wanted. One creation he made that still exists are Wretched Claws which he used Cupboard Claws to create. He did most of his work in a castle located in one of the more desolate areas of Iridio. The castle is now abandoned ever since Tarnus Azar mysteriously disappeared but his creations still roam the halls, making it a dangerous place to explore. Daring youngsters sometimes enter the castle, whether to win a bet or just to quench their curiosity. Sometimes creatures get out when outsiders enter the castle.

Anyone who enters the castle might be unlucky enough to either be trapped inside or be killed by one of the more aggressive creatures.

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