East of Asoumiranz, across the Colagic and Yontax oceans, lies the continent of Taurica. Taurica's westernmost country is Ronstor. Ever since Xaris was released from its imprisonment, the two continents have had little contact. It's possible to evade the Yontax Ocean by going via Norre, but Norre is a very harsh place, and it's an endeavor which isn't much less dangerous than braving Xaris's territory.

Film Industry Edit

Unlike Asoumiranz, Taurica has a thriving movie industry. Movies are recorded with Photochromes, a type of camera, and are stored on Chromic chips. Movies themselves are also referred to as Photochromes. Chromic Chips are placed into a Chromatic Reflectron, usually simply called a Reflectro. The Reflectro beams a series of images from the chip. Sound is stored in a separate medium. Movies are in full colour, but it wasn't always so.

In the past, films were recorded on the Photogyn. The Photogyn produced films that were rendered with a purple tone, due to the Gynomat Screen technology they used. Photochromes incorporate Hybomat and Cyomat technology to produce a full colour image.

The traditional Photochrome food is popped clorns and Zana tea. Humans love Photochrome, but Trolipedes prefer Holochrome. Holochrome tends to make humans very sick.

Traveling between continents Edit

The best way to get from Asoumiranz to Taurica is subject to debate, as different methods have associated pros and cons. The fastest way would be to pay 20,000 trebs to a warp genie, who can transport you within moments, but locating a warp genie and footing the large bill is difficult, especially for physical beings who don't usually deal with trebs, which is an ectoplasmic currency used by spirits. The cheapest way would be to go by boat or other water vessel, but due to the Yontax ocean's extensive dangers, including the Xaris, Spontaneous Oceanic Field Discharge, hurricanes and blazicanes, and lesser wormos, it's a very risky endeavour. Travelling via Norre or Sorre is slightly less though still significantly dangerous, but it is far more expensive than going by boat. Flying over the oceans via airship or flying creature avoids wormos, but all other oceanic dangers still apply, and is more expensive than by boat. It may require stops for fuel or food, which restricts travel route options. It's possible to go in the other direction, going west from Asoumiranz or east from Taurica, but it's a very long journey across the black sea, the voidland, and the Variable Plains, among the other lands and seas which exist along that route.

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