One of the clay pots that tells the beginning of the tale of Rhashtar

There is an ancient story passed down through the ages that tells of an ancient people that once lived in the skies. It is now considered a folktale in most countries, but it was once a very real story to certain civilizations. Old clay pots with symbols carved into their sides were found buried underground in the sands of Trod that told the story of the supposed sky people. Much of the text is missing due to cracks and scratches on the pots, but what is there has been preserved in museums or kept for archaeological research.

The tale, as much as has been salvaged, has been translated and told as such:

"There was once an ancient city in the sky known as Rhashtar. It was invisible to mortals and up there lived the great beings known as Trokes. They were tall as the tallest tree and as strong as the strongest boulder. They feasted on dragons and lumpen pears....(much of the text after this is missing)

...battle between them and the Dolques. The Trokes, who were once strong and mighty, had been drained of their powers. The Dolques offered them a choice: it would either slay the entire race of Trokes or it would send them to the world below where they would become mortals.

The king would not surrender. The Dolques lifted one of its many heads and fired meteors from its maw at the army. Trokes were slain and only when a few were left, the King finally raised his hands and surrendered...(text is missing here)

...they were forced to descend to the ground. They kept a belief that one day they would return to their beloved city and rule as they had before."

There are other clay pots being found in Trod and other countries containing similar tales.