Inside the Felurian desert of Northern Bazakun rests a monstrous statue of bronze, partially embedded in sand. This statue is said by locals to have once depicted a creature, of a race that is now long extinct. This staue seems to be the only relic of this civilization, which is said to have been wiped out by some unknown cause, back in the days when Bazakun was a fertile plain. The statue is human in form, and seems to have no skin, with all its muscles and bones showing on the outside. The statue is hollow, and it seems that there is always at least one gazer inside it. The arm of the statue holds up what seems to be an inscription, which, surpassingly, is partially readable. It seems that the race that built the statue, for whatever purpose it may have served, spoke the same language as modern-day Felurians. The text reads:

"*O those who come upon this forlorn site be wary, for they who rise and sing shall follow you endlessly, for all of time."

It is unknown what the message means.

Historians can only assume that the statue depicts a member of the wiped out race. It is the only clue that they have to the whereabouts of this ancient species.

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