The Blood Wizard Supreme is the title given to the Blood Wizards' highest ranking leader. When a new one needs to be named, the Supreme Duel takes place to decide who gets the title. A vote takes place to decide which two blood wizards shall be the candidates. The Supreme Duel is a fight to the death, although there have been cases of fighters fleeing in disgrace upon realising that they're outmatched. One well known Supreme Blood Wizard was an Alsan. He was the 8th Supreme Wizard. Although he is still alive, he was removed from his position, betrayed by his own Blood Wizard kin. His philosophy was too ruthless even for his fellow Blood Wizards to tolerate. He is now locked in a box, sealed with Erwidite chains, at the bottom of a lake in Djornt. The lake is now called Blood Lake, since all the water in it transmutes into blood due to the wizard's evil blood magic aura. Since he is an Alsan, he cannot be killed by normal means, so he does not starve or suffocate.

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