The Corgyscanth is a country-sized labyrinthine maze in Asoumiranz. It is full of supernatural creatures and demons, and is shrouded in mystery. There are countless rumours and legends about the place. It is generally agreed that the maze eventually leads to portals between otherworld and several netherworlds. The maze is enchanted to keep most anything from those netherworlds from actually leaving the maze, but living entities from Otherworld can enter and leave it as they please. Of course, most adventurers who explore too deeply never escape with their lives. Even after death, their souls are trapped, doomed to wander The Corgyscanth as ghosts, which may transform into demons over time. There are special ways for demons and ghosts to leave The Corgyscanth, but it is a complicated process, which could take centuries or millennia of searching for various magic keys and incantations. Tales of great treasure and pathways to unlocking great magical abilities, and even just mystery and adventure, are tempting enough for several people to journey into The Corgyscanth every year.

One demon called Perygychus managed to escape The Corgyscanth in 28,472.

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