The Forgotten Land is a sparsely inhabited country inside the continent of Asoumiranz. It has very harsh, cold weather, as it is to the north of the Colagic Ocean. Little is known about it, since not many people dare to go there. A few key geographical features are known, however. Near the center, the tall peak of Mount Gabba bursts through the Harsh Forest, and to the south, you can find the Cold Lake, which flows down to the Colagic Ocean. Most of The Forgotten Land juts out into this ocean, as it is a peninsula. The northern section is covered by almost perpetual snow, and, since this passage is the only way to get into The Forgotten Land, hardly any explorers venture there.

The Forgotten Land has a reputation for being totally uninhabited, but this isn't true. There are a handful of hermits living within the land, close to the border. There are also goblinoid creatures called Crystalun who live in the Harsh Forest and upon Mount Gabba, which are intelligent creatures, although they are malicious and do not have much of a civilisation. Because of the promise of the three truths granted by the Bird of Knowledge atop Mount Gabba, plenty of adventurers journey into the land. However, the road is fraught with many dangers, and few make it back alive. Numerous people throughout history claim to have reached the top and met the Bird of Knowledge, but many skeptics aren't convinced, and say that the Bird of Knowledge is just a myth.

Perhaps the most terrifying danger of the Forgotten Land is the Diamond Mist or Diamond Dust. Thought to be an airborne relative to White Slime, this deadly substance drifts around the Harsh Forest and Mount Gabba slopes. Under normal conditions it is totally invisible. It can only be seen with the naked eye if it happens to be suspended in a sunbeam, where it sparkles like diamonds. If Diamond Mist is inhaled, sharp chest pains will soon follow, then coughing up blood, and eventually death. Within a few hours, it is said, the body becomes nothing more than a pile of red slush. Luckily Diamond Mist can be seen via special glasses called Diamond Specs or Crystal Specs. These are produced at the Dryast Glass Factory, but there is also a famous hermit living in the Forgotten Land who sells Crystal Specs he makes himself. His specs are far more expensive than Dryast specs, but they are much nicer in design, and are said to be of higher quality. When wearing Diamond Specs, Diamond Dust appears as a brightly glowing mist, visible even in the dark, making it avoidable. People returning from the Forgotten Land report an eerie absolute silence there.