The Islands of the Sun are an archipelago of islands located off the Libec Peninsula. The islands themselves are made of sand, with the average area of one being akin to a small house, although some are much smaller. They are mainly composed of sand and small rocks. There have been over 50 different isles counted in the archipelago. No humans inhabit the islands.

Etymology Edit

The Islands of the sun are named as such die to the strange effect that the setting sun has on their color. On any clear-skyey evening, one can see the islands shine a light purple color as the sun sets. Because of this phenomenon, the islands have been called The Islands of the Sun by locals. The name has been recorded in history, dating back to 129lolipop in ancient texts.

Life Edit

Although no animal or fungal life has been sighted on these islands, a multitude of plant life have been found to grow specific to the archipelago. These plants are called "sun trees" by natives, although it is unknown if they are actually trees or not. They consist of one thin trunk, with a large spherical mass of a white, rubbery substance at the top. They grow in large amounts on these islands. Each island has at least one sun tree growing on it.

Sun Tree testing Edit

Scientist have researched the sun trees for years, but to know avail. All that has been found is that the plants must stay on the islands in order to survive. A sun tree was brought from an island to the peninsula, and withered in hours. However, while on an island, a sun tree was cut off from water, sunlight, and soil, and still managed to survive.

Black and white illustration of the Islands of the sun:

Sun isles

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