There is an old Otherworldlian folk tale regarding the magical isle known as Too Many Consonants. It is unknown is this island and the other places in the tale were once real places in

Consonants education

The supposed flag of Too Many Consonants.

otherworld, or if they were simply made up.

The Story Edit

Far across the Adjective Sea is the island nation of Too Many Consonants, ruled by the wise King Generic. Too Many Consonants is constantly forced to defend itself against attacks from The Adjective Sorcerer from the land of Mostly Vowels.

Fortunately King Generic's son, Prince Generic, wielded the Adjective Noun, a weapon of tremendous power which he found in the ruins of Crumbling Castle. Having triumphed forever over the Adjective Sorcerer in the Battle of Climax, no one was surprised when the Adjective Sorcerer sprang back to life a few months later to threaten Too Many Consonants again in the Battle of Less Successful Sequel, ultimately being defeated a second time by Plucky Sidekick, the faithful companion of Prince Generic.