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Otherworld is a fantasy universe. It has no accompanying books, video games, tv shows, or movies; It simply exists as a stand-alone. It started as a thread on a forum of the site, but since it has grown. This Wiki was made to better organize its contents.

The thread has since been moved to this location.

The Other WorldEdit

The Other World, or Otherworld, is a cylindrical planet located in an alternate universe called the Otherverse.

Many of its features are very similar or identical to those in our world. Familiar elements such as iron and gold exist, and human beings populate the world.

Other features are odd variations on what we are familiar with. Milk and paper, rather than being compounds made up by other elements, are actually pure elements in Otherworld. Paper is mined out of the earth, and milk forms clouds and precipitates as milk rain.

There are also features which are totally unique to The Other World. For example, there are geometron particles, which are subatomic particles which, when gathered in large quantities, emit "geometry fields", which force planet scale objects to conform to different shapes. Cylindrons are the type of geometron which cause Otherworld itself to be the shape of a huge cylinder.

For as long as anyone can remember, the planet has been named otherworld. Most people take it for granted, but there is much debate among scholars as to why the word "other" is used. Some suggest that it is because this world is actually just a parallel, holographic, or imaginary version of some kind of "realworld", but most disregard this as ludicrous pseudoscience.

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  • new page Sloren
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    New page: Sloren is a green mush found growing in Gruz and Trubistan. It can cause allergic reactions called sloren rash in humans. Scabbens and Zanlos both...
  • new page The Pale
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    New page: "Listen here," An old, famous storyteller shouts over the clatters and laughter of many drunkards sitting around the tavern. As he speaks up, the...
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    New page: Torigraniski are worm like creatures that live in the cold region of Moriksted. Their diet consists of snowflakes, Torigraniski are able to inhale...
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    New page: Nutrans are solid coloured spherical pellets with slight healing properties. Red ones hasten the healing rate of cuts and bruises. Green ones boost...
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    New page: Mxystsxists are small furry gerbil-like creatures with God-like powers. Eating on will give you power, but only for one day. After the effects wear...
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    New page: Glass Hounds are dogs made of a clear substance similar to glass. They live in the savannahs where they chase after animals for prey. Their...
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    New page: Marsh Hands are close relatives to Cupboard Claws. They live in swamps. Most of the time they are sedentary, sticking out of the mud with palm...
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  • new page Pidog
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    New page: Pidogs are Pigeon like dogs that live in the sea, and eats radioactive fire.

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