The Rocky Plains of Taurica are a large expanse of flat rocky terrain covered in tall pillars of stone and boulders here and there. Throughout the year, the plains are visited by a period of hot, dry weather followed by a period of rainy, cooler weather. During the hotter months, there is not much life or water around. What does live there has a tough way of life as they try to find food and water to survive. Animals that endure the hotter months either stay mostly on their own or stick to a group. The cooler period is much different. During this time, some migratory animals pass through the Rocky Plains where they can get plenty of water at that time. Some predators may come to the Rocky Plains to hunt the migratory animals.

The wandering immortal Edit

Bolno is a physical immortal who wanders about the Rocky Plains. He is a bulky figure with long, shaggy orange hair which covers his face and runs down his back. He doesn't seem to have much purpose in his wanderings. He has a forlorn look about him, and tends to shy away if approached. In the distant past, it is said, Bolno was a great hero who saved and protected Taurican villages from monsters and villains.

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