The Variable Plains are a huge, large, moderately sized, or small grassland. Due to the spatial shifting which occurs over them, they may be just a few hundred meters across, or they could be the size of a continent. This nature is very upsetting and disturbing to most people who visit, as well as being extremely inconvenient. The local wildlife have somehow become adapted to the spatial shifting and don't appear to be bothered by it. They have evolved a property known as psychoshifting, whereby their bodies can merge into one with other members of their species whenever the plains happen to be small, so things don't get overcrowded.

Deep History Edit

The Variable Plains were not always a spatially unstable landmass, constantly changing size. Once they were just another unremarkable island floating in the black sea.

In those days, the great golden dragon Chryod-shi Magnimus Algophtron was the leader of The Celestial Golden Army of Ghi-hish-odur. Chryod-shi was a crafty old wizard dragon who became obsessed with power. It is known that Space Trinkets were in some way involved in his powers, but it isn't known if Chryod-shi used the power of the trinkets or actually created them. At any rate, Chryod-shi absorbed a massive amount of space bending powers into his own body. It took the combined powers of the Seven Coloured Gods of Arishi-odur to defeat the massive dragon, whose body exploded and caused a gigantic space rippling wave which continues to distort the dimensions around the island to this day. 3 of the Seven Coloured Gods were destroyed in the blast, and Arishi-odur never fully returned to its former glory. These events are thought to have taken place between five hundred thousand and one million years ago.

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