Tilimobiles are vehicles made from tilisor and iron among other things. The iron covers the tilisor so the vehicle levitates above the ground. Tilimobiles have one tail fin sticking up from the top and two wings sticking out from the sides. On the back of the vehicle are air jets which help the tilimobile move forward. Most tilimobiles have two rows of seats, the front row for the driver and one passenger and the back row for more passengers. There are windows in the back, the sides, and the front so the driver can see what is around them.

Tilimobile companies Edit

Trimity Co is a large tilimobile manufacturer in Asoumiranz. They have large manufacturing plants in Untorr. Trimity headquarters is located in Djartyle, a moderate Djornti city near Nidsk. They have numerous well known tilimobile models, such as the sleek, sporty Shadow Snake X, the family sized Fluffel MT, and the all terrain Xaltel 101.

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