Torigraniski are worm like creatures that live in the cold region of Moriksted. Their diet consists of snowflakes, Torigraniski are able to inhale snowflakes around them rapidly. Torigraniski are normally passive, however, their eyes have a dangerous effect.

When a human being views a Torigraniski's eyes, the Torigraniski appears to become extremely stressed, it will eat other living creatures nearby before moving on to the human who viewed its eyes, at which point it will chase its target down until it has eaten it. Torigraniski are capable of inhaling snowflakes, combining them, and shooting them out of its mouth, this can be used to reach a target that would normally be impossible to reach for the Torigraniski.

If a human views a Torigraniski's eyes in a photo, the effect will occur with even more dangerous results, near by Torigraniski will attempt to aid the torigraniski the human viewed to help attack its target.

If a human that has seen a Torigraniski's eyes is in an unreachable place (Even with the ability to shoot snowflakes), The Torigraniski will begin to stretch its elastic body so it is close enough to attack the human, the farthest recorded distance a Torigraniski has stretched is to the hot region of Moriksted.

Torigraniski move by inserting their entire bodies into the ground, where it quickly burrows through. Once it reaches its destination, it comes out of the ground.

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