Toxic Vines

Toxic Vines are dangerous plants that can be found on the ground of the Grimleaf Forest as well as some jungles in Mysseru. The vines have sharp thorns on them but look harmless otherwise. However, if someone or something happens to step anywhere on the vine, it will wrap itself around the person or creature's leg and squeeze tight. It can be hacked off with a knife or burned off but it will probably leave some nasty puncture wounds. Also, the thorns on the vines have a very weak poison, however if the creature remains stuck to the vines for long, the poison will become more dangerous over time. It is said that it takes about three days of being stuck in this vine for it to kill someone.

The Toxic Vines in Mysseru are much bigger than the ones found in the Grimleaf Forest. They can ensnare a person's entire body easily and are much more difficult to escape.

The Grim Hags are responsible for the appearance of toxic vines in Mysseru. Long ago, a group of them made a long journey to the dangerous world of jungles because they believed there was an artifact hidden somewhere called the Liquid Dagger, said to cut through everything like butter. They believed they could use this dagger in order to free The Monster Unknown to Humanity from its prison without having to go through the long process. They brought toxic vines with them to use as a weapon against whatever creatures came after them. They never found the dagger because they were eaten by a Galkun. The toxic vines invaded the jungles and thrived there because there was nothing to stop them. They grew larger and more dangerous, making visits to Mysseru even harder to do.

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