The Tria Isles, Iso, Acu, and Obtu, are three triangular islands located in the southern half of otherworld. In between the three triangles is what is known as the Scali Sea, where a fourth island is said to have once been which theorists call Scali. According to this theory, Scali connected the other three islands together to make a larger triangular island which some theorists call the Equil Isle. There is evidence that this theory may be true, such as similar plants and animals found on all three islands. There may have been a catastrophic event which sunk the middle island underwater.

The climate on these islands is fairly warm and humid. They don't really experience winter, rather they experience a warm season and a slightly less warm season. It also rains a lot due to the humidity.

Baldrudian Snitch Edit

Baldrudian Snitch is a popular activity among the Hakabiki people of the Tria Isles. It's a party game where participants must hold a long plambu stick and use it to transport several hoops from one peg to another. The plambu stick is held in unconventional ways, such as between the legs, or held in the mouth, to make the game difficult. Plambu is a fast growing woody plant common on the Tria Isles. Plambu sticks have several other common uses among the Hakabiki people.

Ruins Edit

Ruins litter the Tria Isles which seem to belong to an ancient, lost civilisation, rather than the current Hakabiki inhabitants. This civilisation, dubbed the "Trions", were skilled sculptors of stone, leaving behind many walls and statues. Stone carvings depict animals of the Tria Isles, which seemed to have had symbolic importance to the Trions. Popular creatures include the Hard-rumped Romper, the Floudra, the Curricurri, and the Seledranata.

Hard-rumped Rompers are a tortoise like reptile, Curricurri are a species of bird with long tail feathers, and the Seledranata are a species of sea serpent.

Other known animals or plants Edit

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