Trickets are mischievous little creatures who love to cause all sorts of havoc just for fun. They are about the size of a rat and they stand on two feet. They have short brown fur all over their body except for on the face, ears, hands and feet. They have large bat-like ears and small fangs that protrude from the upper part of the mouth as well as an oval shaped head. They have yellow, pupil-less eyes.

Victims of a tricket may find their possessions missing or broken. They might hear terrifying sounds at night as if they were being robbed only to find no one is in their home. Their children might come crying because a tricket was pulling at their hair or nipping at their ears. Trickets are usually lone creatures, but if they happen to encounter another tricket they might dare each other to see who can cause the most chaos. In order to get rid of a tricket problem, one must place a jar of sluck, a thick black substance made from tar, lava, and ash, in their house. The trickets hate the smell of sluck and can smell it from a mile away, so they will leave quickly. Sluck doesn't have the most pleasant of smells when opened, so it is often sealed in tight containers and only opened when needed.

There are travelling con artists who secretly imitate the actions of Trickets, and then sell Sluck to the exasperated homeowners at exorbitant prices.

Trickets are rather friendly with Choicelings, and the two normally cause trouble for travelers and adventurers together. The Choiceling's wish is more appealing after things were previously lost.

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