The Trimon is a beast found deep in a cave system in Taurica called the Monstrous Depths. It has a round purple body with four large tentacles that make it look like a star. In the center of its body is a huge eye which remains closed most of the time. The Trimon levitates whether it is awake, asleep, or unconscious. It actually remains asleep until someone enters the room it can be found in. Once someone enters the room, the Trimon's eye will then open wide. If one stares into the beast's eye for long enough, they will go into a trance where they are temporarily thrown into a strange dimension.

In this dimension, they will be put through trials. These trials can range from trying to balance an egg on their head without breaking it to running to a finish line while being chased by lava. If the person dies during the trials, they do not actually die. Rather, their lives are 'reset' and they must try to complete the trial again. There are always five trials and they are all random in their difficulty. The first trial could be the hardest while the last may be the easiest, or they could all be extremely difficult or easy tasks. If the individual doing the trials fails a total of ten times, then the Trimon will close its eye and will not open it again for that individual.

Some ancient tribes of Taurica would send potential leaders to the Monstrous Depths in order to find who is the most suitable to lead them. Those who do the best in the trials were often chosen for leadership of the tribe. Some still try to get to the Trimon to see if they can complete the trials it has for them. In the present day, the Trimon's trials are taken to prove one's self worth, mental strength, or perhaps for something to brag about.

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