Trinkets are small, coin-shaped objects that give the possessor of one powers over a certain aspect of their environment. Most trinkets are found buried underground. Originally the trinkets were wielded by ancient elemental wizards. The power of the trinkets became too great, however, and the wizards were consumed by their own magic. It is speculated that the wizards, in their depleted form, changed their genetic makeup and devolved into the Conics.

Many different types of trinkets have been reported to exist over the decades, though some of their powers remain unknown.

A fire trinket

A fire trinket.

Another race of wizards, called the Gold Wizards of Lorci, also attained power from the trinkets. These wizards still exist today.

Some Tzzati find fire trinkets and use them as light sources. These Tzzati often become leaders of groups of Tzzati.

Conics tend to stockpile trinkets. These stockpiles are valuable, but Conics will guard it at any cost. Trinket stockpiles are always guarded by multiple Conic wizards.

Types of Trinkets Edit

Different types of trinkets exist underground. The most common type, called a fire trinket, gives the possessor power over the element of fire. There are many other types of elemental trinkets as well.

Silver Trinkets: Edit

Silver trinkets are trinkets that have lost their elemental powers and are virtually worthless in terms of power. The only documented cases of these types of trinkets are silver fire trinkets and silver lightning trinkets.

  • Silver fire trinket
  • Silver lighting trinket

Normal Trinkets: Edit

These trinkets give the wielder power over elements.

  • Fire trinket
  • Wind trinket
  • Earth trinket
  • Water trinket
  • Lava trinket
  • Darkness trinket
  • Lighting trinket

Ultra trinkets: Edit

These trinkets give the wielder power over aspects of our universe.

Legend says that a certain combination of trinkets can result in either the space trinket, the time trinket, or the life trinket. These 3 trinkets are called ultra trinkets, and combining all 3 of these ultra trinkets creates a reality trinket, a trinket so powerful it can bend the fabric of reality. However, nobody in the world has managed to craft this trinket and as such no photographs or anything else has been found out about this reality trinket. Its existence is generally regarded as a myth.

  • Space trinket
  • Life trinket
  • Time trinket
  • Improbability trinket
    A view of the Improbability Trinket, the surest way to enter Dontonville

    The legendary Improbability trinket.

Combination trinkets: Edit

These trinkets give the wielder almost limitless power over the universe, and are created using a specific combination of powerful trinkets. The Tale of the Elemental Wizard tells of an Elemental Wizard who attempted to create one of these trinkets and failed.

  • Reality trinket
  •  ??? trinket