A Tzzati sitting by a fire.

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A Fire Trinket wearing Tzzati as leader for a group of Tzzati.

The Tzzati are a race of carnivorous animals that live in dark areas such as caves, paper mines, and jungles. They mainly feed on worms and Snickers, and use their teeth to dig. Despite living in darkness, the Tzzati constantly look for a way to brighten up their homes. This includes attacking miners and stealing their lightbulbs, lanterns or candles.

Due to the Tzzati stealing lightbulbs, many humans seek out and kill Tzzati. This has lead to a decline in the Tzzati population. Tzzati have been seen making deals with Conics, using tools they stole from miners as currency.

Occasionally, a Tzzati may find a fire trinket. This is a valuable item to the Tzzati, as it allows them to create fire wherever they want. Often, a Tzzati who has a fire trinket becomes the leader of a group of Tzzati.