The Untorr caverns were once an old mine used by an unknown species which is now inhabited by more dangerous species. As the mine goes deeper, it gets warmer rather than colder. At the bottom of the mines is a large, orange-red crystal that gives off heat, and touching it will burn one's skin off. It is difficult to get that far because Tanrok, Screamers, Blitts, and Smoklent live in the caverns, along with clumps of White Slime. If a visitor to these caverns is not careful, they could encounter a Blackheart which will try to follow them to the surface. There is also an extremely low chance of getting infected by a Tiksem parasite of the Cardi strain. Although there are serious dangers, explorers enter from time to time to try to find out who created the mines and what they were looking for. There are also some mineral deposits explorers may try to find.