Close to the western coast of Asoumiranz is a unique forest known as Vilahana. The floor of this forest is completely covered in huge colorful flowers. The trees have unique shades of cream colored bark and white leaves. They bear small pink fruit known as apala. Vilahana is protected by a floral being known as Orchen due to her appearance resembling that of a humanoid orchid. Orchen has one red eye and one blue eye. With these eyes she can see both the good and bad intentions within all. Orchen lets almost no one into her forest for she is a slightly pessimistic guardian. This may be due to an event long ago involving betrayal, but there are no records of such an encounter. Surrounding her forest is a thick wall of thorns that are almost impossible to cut through. The only living things that she truly trusts in her forest are the sprites that live within her flowers and trees.

The tree and flower sprites of Vilahana spend their days tending to the plants in the forest and helping any forest creatures who need help. Special green pixie dust present in the air of the forest causes animals to become more intelligent and self aware than usual. Orchen sometimes gives special permissions to animals, accompanied by sprites, to leave the forest and do things in the human world. They must be accompanied by sprites, as the sprites exude green pixie dust. Without this dust, the animals will gradually lose their intelligence and memories. Of note was a particular spotted weasel who went on to become a beloved public figure in Asoumiranz. He gave many great speeches about peace and equality.

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