Womplets are magical paper creatures, which anyone can create by drawing a special magic rune onto a piece of paper, then folding the paper in a certain way. Womplet spirits are magically drawn to the runes, and the crafter doesn't need any magical abilities of their own. There are many different types of Womplets that can be created, all with different appearances and behaviours. Some are commonly known about and used often by people in all walks of life, while others are kept secret, knowledge of their runes and folding patterns held only by certain organisations. Some Womplets exist merely for amusement, while others can perform tasks, ranging from the very simple to the more advanced. Crafting Womplets successfully does require a certain amount of skill - make a mistake in either the rune or the folding pattern, and it will not work, remaining as a useless, crumpled piece of paper. In general, the more useful a Womplet is, the more difficult it is to craft. Womplet Spirits, when not manifested in paper form, live in a Spirit Realm known as Wegima. In Wegima, the Womplets practise doing their specific duties, while waiting to be summoned.

Womplets are technically golems, since paper is a mineral dug up from the earth.

There are variations of Womplets that can be dangerous, which are dipped with poison and are used by assassins.[1]


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