Xaltel are strange, ancient guardians of certain locations. Thus far they've been declared immortal, and are made of stone. Despite it seeming like it might be broken with a pick, it is impenetrable. Depending on where they guard, their general appearance changes. The ones found so far are in the Untorr Mines, Trod, Alvalpa, and somewhere in Taurica. It is unknown what exactly they're guarding, though some believe it's a structure. Others believe it's an object, and some even think it's a spirit. Nobody's actually gotten necessarily close enough to study one thoroughly due to it having a habit of fleeing if it senses something sentient. It also seems to be able to easily avoid traps.

Popular Culture Edit

A Xaltel is the main antagonist of the Baltius Bladge series' photochrome "Baltius Bladge and the Xaltel's Curse". It is a fictional adventure, and the xaltel in the story is not very reflective of a real xaltel's observed traits.

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