A Xoddoo is a creature sighted in north and south america that resembles a wolf, a Xoddoo has Sky Blue fur and brown paws. When A Xoddoo is written about, text about it alters, the text refers to a planet known as "otherworld" and continents such as "Cirues" and "Asoumiranz", it has been suggested that "Otherworld" is a parallel universe, or perhaps another dimension, it has also been suggested that the original text (before it is altered by the Xoddoo.) appears in "Otherworld", The text used to describe the Xoddoo in Otherworld suggests that the Xoddoo is able to jump between realities, which is described as "A capability no other F'mal subspecies has", it is currently unknown what a "F'mal" is, Xoddoo's eat small rats, birds, and ants, but have been seen consuming plants, therefore, the Xoddoo can be classified as an omnivore, the text from Otherworld states that Xoddoos eat Delidoikas, trees, and insects, the mention of trees in the Xoddoo's diet suggests that the otherworld contains similarities between this world.

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