Yarannha Smithly is a Dontonvillian painter with a high level of skill in her art form. Born on no exact date, due to Dantonville's nature of time-hopping, she was self taught, until she left Dontonville at 15 years of age to roam the Otherworld. Eventually making her way to Parad on one of the floating isles of Paridisio, her talent was recognized by locals when she started to sell her paintings for money. Here work was soon famous across Asoumiranz, and she became very rich. She died early at the age of 56, suffering from Yellingitis.

Madam Possalrif

One of Yarannha Smithly's most famous paintings, probably the most famous, and among the most recognizable paintings in all Asoumiranz culture, "Madam Possalrif".

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