Felure and Djornt traditionally used two different systems of years. The Djornti years are numbered. The current year is 34,700. The year system started at year zero long ago when Djornt, and indeed most countries, had completely different names and borders and technology was far less advanced. Scholars believe the years probably started when writing was first invented. As such, years from before year zero are labeled with PW, or Pre Writing.

Felure, however, used a system consisting of a number followed by a word or several words stuck together. They used this up until a few decades after the Djornt Felure Alliance, after which they were forced to admit that their old system was totally ridiculous and confusing. However, the small micronation of Forumia still uses the old Feluri year system. Saxophore uses its own system, starting with the beginning of the Great Saxophone War as year zero.

The last year Felure counted with Old Feluri Years was 198somethingsomething, which coincided with the Djornti Year 33,992.

The Old Feluri Year System had 26 words or word combos, which were used sequentially from year to year. So, it would go, for example, 193whocares, 193whatever, 193something, all the way up to 193vexingly, which was followed by 194whocares.

1 whocares

2 whatever

3 something

4 somethingsomething

5 thingamajig

6 somethingorother

7 thisorthat

8 probably

9 ithink

10 I’mnotsure

11 apparently

12 perhaps

13 moreorless

14 supposedly

15 lollipop

16 allegedly

17 asithappens

18 notimportant

19 unimportant

20 orsomethingornothing

21 that’swhatIheard

22 anyway

23 anywho

24 ornot

25 perchance

26 vexingly

One year on Otherworld Edit

One year on Otherworld lasts for a fluctuating number of days. On average a year lasts 321 days. The number of days per year changes in a predictable 8 year long cycle. Each year also has some proportion of extra hours which don't fit neatly into a day. Whenever these hours add up to a full day, a "Fake Year" is had, which lasts only one day and does not have a corresponding number marking it. People born on a Fake Year are said to have peculiar luck, either good or bad.

The number of days per year follows this pattern:

Short Year: 309


Normal Year: 321


Tall Year: 333


Normal Year: 321



Year length varies due to something called Orbital Slot Oscillation. This Oscillation is very slowly slowing down. Billions of year ago the Tall Year is thought to have been over 400 days long. The Normal Year length, however, apparently never changes, and has presumably been 321 years long ever since Otherworld first formed.

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