Yekek are an ancient mechanical species that live in underground cities. Their original creators are unknown to most people, save for the first generation of Yekek, and very few are alive. It is thought that their creators made them in an attempt to continue surviving, but failed, and the Yekek grew more intelligent and became their own species.

The Yekek have no need to eat or drink, and cannot get sick (unless implanted with a computer virus, which is very hard to do due to their strange design and wiring). Because of this, the Yekek are immortal if left alone. The Yekek are also incredibly strange, as even though they're mechanical and not living, they give off an S E field. This is not the case for Yekek built by other Yekek, but the original Yekek emit this. It is believed they were imbued with magic so they could feel and gain sentience, although it is unknown as very, very few are given access to them.

Yaravin and The Waking Edit

Yavarin was one of the ancient Yekek, responsible for a ritual called The Waking, a special ritual given to Yekek warriors when they're granted the honor of being an imperial guard. While only the original Yekek have a true supernatural aura, The Waking revives the spirit of an ancient Yekek to guide the imperial guard and gives a strange kind of S. E. field, due to the spirit of the ghost and the Yekek sharing the same field. Yavarin would draw ancient symbols, along with uttering something strange, an unknown language it is believed. After about two minutes, both spirits are linked and the two can completely understand and speak to each other. They gain a strong emotional bond soon afterwards and eventually become so in sync with each other they can think perfectly in tune and are essentially close to a single being. In fact, sometimes the living Yekek chang their names into a combination of their own name and the spirits name. Along with this, the strength, wisdom,mor any other qualities the spirit used to have is passed on to the living Yekek.

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