Yorgrels are large bovine creatures found in Ronstor. The animals are mostly short-haired but the males grow manes which may vary in size. Males also have small horns on their heads which they use to defend their herds. Domesticated yorgrels are mostly found in the rural areas of Ronstor while wild herds of them can be found grazing near the border of Iridio. In the wild, the males use their manes to show dominance over the rest of the herd. The bigger the mane, the more superior the yorgrel. When domesticated, their manes are shaved off and the strands are collected so they can be used to make yorgrel strand baskets. Most of them are kept in Ronstor but some are shipped to other countries. The biggest buyers of yorgrel strand baskets are Iridio, Libec, and Canjon.

Although female yorgrels do not provide manes for basket making, they are just as important as the males because they provide yorgrel milk which is an important product in Ronstoran culture. Their milk can be used to make dairy products like butter and cheese which can also be shipped to other countries.

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