Zalta is a common brown metal. Its main use is in musical instruments of war, which would just be regular instruments without being made with zalta. Zalta alloys can be made with other metals. The alloys range from gold, to brass, to orange, to red in colour. Zalta alloys are also usable in musical weaponry. How musical instruments made with zalta actually kill people is subject to scientific debate, but they are effective enough that, in large battles, they prove far more useful than conventional weaponry.

However, in smaller skirmishes, one on one duels in particular, conventional weapons such as swords and clubs are much more effective. This is because musical weapons become much more effective in large numbers, and can be used against many foes at once. The musical skill of the warriors determines the effectiveness of the instruments as well, including their ability to harmonize with the rest of their army. Musical instruments are also generally equipped with bayonets to stab enemy musicians at close ranges.

Music Edit

When recorded onto a disc and replayed on a gramophone, zalta music is not harmful, unless the gramophone is made of zalta, but even in that case, it is not nearly as deadly as the real thing. Because of this, battles can be recorded and listened to. It is said the emotion of a battle can be felt through these recordings. Battle songs can range from the mournful, to the chaotic.

Conductor Generals Edit

All armies are lead by Conductor Generals. Conductor Generals are chosen from people who have a natural resistance to zalta music (though no one is completely immunity). Conductor Generals stand at the front of the army bands and lead the warriors with their conductor's baton, which is made from a zalta alloy. This baton seemingly protects their side from being harmed by their own music, but how this happens is not well understood.

On the Otherworld Table of Elements Edit

Zalta is represented as Za on the Otherworld Table of Elements.

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