Zox are purple creatures that live in Cirues. They have snake-like bodies and large arms with thick darker purple claws on their hands. They can sit upright on their own, using their tail for support. They have a long, almost cylindrical-shaped head with dull horns at the top of their head. They have four eyes on each side of their head that go along the length of the head. These eyes are green with a small sliver of pink. Zoxes have a weird kind of eyesight where they see in heat vision rather than normal vision. They use this to locate food underground and also to locate a cool place to sleep at night. They rely a lot on their sense of smell, too, using it to familiarize themselves with their territory and the things around them.

Zox use their large claws to burrow underground for food. They will eat smaller animals they come across such as insects or rodents burrowing around. They live in forests where they build makeshift nests. When a mother Zox is pregnant, she will stay at her nest until she gives birth to a baby Zox. The father Zox will defend the mother until the baby Zox is born, then he will go search for food to feed the mother. Once the baby is strong enough, the mother Zox will teach it how to hunt and fight. When the young Zox is old enough, it will leave its nest and find a new home.

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